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20 Jun 2018


The broker is the figure that is in charge of facilitating, guaranteeing and expediting the buying and selling processes. The word broker is continuously used in the world of finance to refer to the person who is in charge of making transactions according to the needs of their client.


A broker is responsible for carrying out multiple processes that are essential to achieve a successful purchase.

  • Search for suppliers: Maybe some people will say why not just enter a portal like Alibaba? The answer is simple: High risk. Why? The numbers of people scammed through the web are alarming and increasingly, are increasing. There are very agile scammers, with very well elaborated facades that can make you lose your valuable investment. Pinchili is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the market and we personally take care of finding the best suppliers, the best options of all China in terms of prices, quality and delivery times.
  • Without intermediaries: The transaction will be carried out between Buyer-broker-distributor. Without companies or businesses as intermediaries, logically these figures raise prices and delay the purchase-sale process.
  • It takes over: The broker is the one who will monitor and be up to date with each step of the purchase process until you receive the products in the country that require it. He is an assistant, a capable and effective figure that will facilitate the entire process.
  • Quality guaranteed: The broker will be responsible for verifying the whole process of buying and selling personally, the quality of the process is guaranteed thanks to this figure.
  • Happy purchase: Exactly the products you wanted, in the quantities, quality, prices and time you wanted. This will be the purchase with a broker on your side.


Pinchili is part of your company, we are your allies, your eyes in China, we facilitate your life, we take care of:

  • Advise you to understand the import process from the beginning
  • We offer 100% quality service in Spanish, Mandarin and English
  • Help in contingencies: You will have support if any problem will arise when importing
  • The cost of our fee corresponds to a percentage of the import invoice
  • Hiring is the security of getting agreements with the direct manufacturers of better quality and prices


We are your eyes in China, the best option to achieve successful imports from the Asian giant.

27 Jan 2018

What can you import from China with a small budget?

If you have the idea of starting your own business, but you think your budget is short, you just have to be clear that there are many opportunities for you to import from China. Just keep reading.

The ideal thing for you is to save money on shipments and limit the amount of products you buy, that with few amounts you can start your business and start earning money immediately. Here are some ideas of the products that you can import from China with a small budget:

  1. Costume jewelry: Costume jewelry or fantasy jewelry is sold very well anywhere in the world. In China it is extremely economical, have a great variety of models and the best thing is that a good order will not exceed 2 or 3 kilograms of weight.
  2. Sunglasses: They are a basic accessory that you can market very easily and get very good profits investing little money.
  3. Wallets: In China you can find infinities of models and styles of wallets for men and ladies, and sell them in your country at a very good price.
  4. Cell phones: Huawei, Xiaomi and HDC are just some of the cell phone brands that are in China, the factory prices are excellent and the weight of cell phones is minimal.
  5. Underwear: For women, children and men: sporty, sexy, comfortable, etc. It is an excellent business that has always had and will have an excellent demand.

These are just some ideas, but as you see there are definitely many opportunities for you to start your own business with imports from the Asian giant and with little budget. Write us and we will be your best allies in China. We are Pinchili.

20 Oct 2017

Top 6 of the world’s leading shipping companies

  1. APM-Maersk: Based in Copenhagen, Denmark; is the strongest company in the world, conducts commercial operations at 325 ports, has 200 routes established. Its fleet consists of 600 ships and has 470 containers with a total capacity of 2,400,000 TEU’S. The percentage of market management worldwide is 15.9%.
  2. Mediterranean Shg Co: Its fleet consists of 462 boats, currently has a presence in 316 ports, which it reaches through 200 routes. It has an approximate 444 containers, which have a capacity of 2,193,000 TEU’S. The percentage of market management worldwide is 14.7%.
  3. CMA CGM Group: Its fleet is 410 units, it works with 170 routes. It has a capacity of 414 containers, 1,446,000 TEU’S. The percentage of market management worldwide is 10.7%.
  4. COSCO Shipping Co Ltd:Is a China Shipping Company which has 130 ships, through which it reaches 100 ports. It has 161 containers with a total capacity of 740,000 TEU’S. The percentage of market management worldwide is 8.3%.
  5. Hapag-Lloyd: This German shipping company has 150 vessels, 146 containers with capacity of up to 670,000 TEU’S and works on 90 different sea routes. The market share of the world market is 5.1%.
  6. Evergreen Line: That’s just the trade name of the company, since under this are four shipping firms, Evergreen Marine, Italia Marittima, Evergreen Marine UK and Hong Kong Evergreen Marine cluster. Evergreen Line has 106 routes, of which 35% are in Asia, its main market, followed by Europe, with 33% and the rest is for Africa and America. The capacity of all its units reaches the 730,289 containers of 20 feet. The market share of the world market is 4.9%.
07 Sep 2017
Inspección de Calidad

Quality Inspections and Pre-Shipment (PSI) in China

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) is a part of supply chain management and an important quality control method for verifying the quality of products that customers buy from suppliers.

The Quality and Pre-Shipment Inspections guarantee the realization of production with the specifications of the buyer and the terms of a purchase order. Pre-shipment inspection reduces the risks inherent in web commerce such as fraud or disappointment with products below the desired quality.

A PSI can be done at different stages prior to shipment to verify the total quantity of products and packaging, to check the quality or consistency of the products, to check all the documentation, such as test reports, packing list or verification of the destination country standards such as ASME, CE marking and import duties.


How is done the Pre-Shipment Inspection?

Pre-shipment inspection is done at the place of production when your order is between 80% and 100% produced and before loading the products into the containers. In this procedure we verify:

  • Quality
  • Weight
  • Measurements
  • Colors
  • Packaging
  • Barcode
  • Conditions of purchase are executed at 100%

All this in order that the buyer not receive any “surprise” unpleasant when receives his merchandise.


The advantages of pre-shipment inspections

The buyer and the seller benefit from this procedure. In the case of the buyer, he makes sure to protect his investment and guarantees that the product for he is paying is in accordance with the standards that were stipulated in the purchase contract. In this way you avoid fraud, inconveniences or any problems with the product that generates losses

For the seller, having a pre-shipment inspection is the guarantor of a quality product; it is the endorsement of a serious company that complies with what is established in law and the customer.


At Pinchili we make sure that your purchases are made to the highest quality standards and every aspect of the buying and selling process is monitored directly, eliminating any error frame and you can be sure that your product will be as you chose, in exact quantities and of superior quality.

06 Aug 2017

What does MOQ mean?

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) refers to the lowest quantity of a product that a vendor is willing to sell. It is a fundamental requirement for your supplier to decide to negotiate, but the quantities of products are usually high and this represents a barrier to buying merchandise in China. However, it is possible to negotiate the MOQ for your purchase to be satisfactory.

Negotiation of MOQ

It is essential that you know that if the supplier does not agree with the MOQ, and you do not have the possibility of canceling some 3000 pieces (for those amounts are usually around the MOQ), you probably will not be able to buy the merchandise, Importance of negotiating this point.

  • When you request the quote of a certain product, it will come with the MOQ. In principle it is their production optimum or the minimum that must be requested so that the supplier can include the internal transportation costs and shipping of the merchandise.
  • If the product you are interested in is among the most produced by the company, you are more likely to achieve a negotiation of MOQ, unlike if it is a product that is poorly produced.
  • If you are interested in importing several references from the same supplier, you may be able to request 100 units of each product to reach the MOQ offered by the supplier by adding the total amount of merchandise, instead of fulfilling the MOQ for each product separately. It is ideal for first time shopping.
  • Consult the product catalog of the company (if they have one) and ask for the quantities in stock, to negotiate the MOQ according to the existence of the product.

Each negotiation is different, and will depend on the company with which you are working. The important thing is to know that it is possible to negotiate this point, and that success will vary depending on the provider with whom you work.

03 Jul 2017

What is Exw?

EXW stands for Ex Works, and it defined like “in factory, convenient place”. It is an Incoterm or international term of trade, which answers to a modality of purchase and sale for international transactions. The term EXW must accompany in an obligatory way of the name of the point of delivery.

 Ex Works Seller Responsibilities

This clause determines that the seller will deliver the goods directly in his establishment; the responsibility of this is to make sure that the products are packed, labeled and arranged so that the transport chosen by the buyer is responsible for taking the merchandise. After delivery made, the supplier disregards the following steps, which correspond exclusively to the customer.

It must also generate the physical and electronic invoice, along with the contract of sale, and run with the expenses of packing, weighing and marking the merchandise.

 Ex Works Buyer Responsibilities

The buyer must take care of the transportation, customs clearance, licenses, authorizations, taxes, insurance of merchandise and other formalities, in order to be able to take his merchandise to the final destination.

If the seller makes some kind of expense for the coordination of the sale, either with obtaining papers, licenses or some other, the merchant must replenish it.


Incoterms (“international trade terms”) are a set of rules grouped into three-letter words each, and these determine the rules governing international purchasing and sales transactions.

In the case of Ex Works, it is an agreement that works perfectly for a new company, or that lacks sufficient experience for international transactions and that it does not have agents to recommend it to its buyer.

In the case of buyer, this should ideally have contacts in the country of purchase to handle transportation, insurance, customs clearance, loading and unloading. By fulfilling these characteristics, the transaction is a success for both, buyers and sellers.

23 Apr 2017

Why choose FOB vs. CIF

FOB vs. CIF. Carrying commodity by sea is the smartest option for traders who want to ship their products safely, fast and in addition, save money in the process. (more…)

06 Apr 2017


Import Machinery from China is more mundane than is believed, especially because of the work that importing companies do to contact directly manufacturers, but it is obligatory to make many designations about what you optate to not leave in the hands of the ” Prevalent sense “the quality of the products you optate. Here is a list of the 5 most consequential steps in this process.

1.- Characteristics or Technical Specifications

Kenning the characteristics, applications and functions of the machinery you are cerebrating of buying is one of the most paramount points of the process, you must elucidate all these with the manufacturer afore negotiating the final sale price, thus eschew receiving erroneous prices with reverence to quality Or category, here is a list of the most prevalent technical designations for your reference:


Definition of use




Power (W)

Efficiency (%)

Protection class (eg IP65)

Control system




Certification (eg CE or ASTM Machinery Guideline)

Export packing


Everything depends on what is going to matter, and the variety is quite wide, from packaging and printing machinery, power implements, hoisting machines, agricultural machinery and more.

It is the obligation of the supplier to provide the buyer with all the detailed information because if not, it is probably not an authentic manufacturer but an intermediary or minute trader.


2.- Regulations

  • For the importation of machinery, it is obligatory to comply with the established regulations and in the European, American, Australian, and Indian markets the responsibility for compliance depends on the importer. Otherwise, it may result in fines, or withholding by the customs ascendant entities.


3.- Spare parts and guarantees

  • It is prevalent for Chinese manufacturers to offer long-term warranties, but it is the obligation of the importer to certify this time and conditions for the utilization of the assurance, beginning with the covering of the costs of sending the machinery or components in case of rehabilitation or supersession. This expense is virtually always borne by the importer.
  • Distribution and replenishment times should withal be taken into account, especially as it has a direct impact on the importer’s engenderment. At the time of the negotiation, the importer must verify that the manufacturer has the spare components or the compulsory personnel to cover the warranty of the machinery or any failure of identically tantamount, because of not having it in stock would mean to elongate the distribution periods even more answer. The time it takes to ship your product is equipollent to the one you would take for a supersession and you should take it into account.
  • Another point to make clear afore the purchase is the mechanism to make the claims of the assurance, which is withal taken care of by the importing company, to ascertain that the supplier is committed to the fulfillment of the assurance without evasion possible. The most mundane way to make claims is by taking and sending material that proves it, such as photos and videos, documenting damages or failures, since the shipment of components to be examined by the manufacturer involves a very high cost, in integration weather.


4.- How will the installation be of the machinery in your company?

The costs of conveyance and Servicess of the manufacturer’s employees are always borne by the customer, so it is advisable to take it into account for profoundly and astronomically immense engenderment lines with many machines included, where costs exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are buying a light machine you should not cerebrate about this point.

5.- Quality control of machinery

There are companies that by giving up the Services of an intermediary in charge of the import process end up receiving defective machinery without having afore leaving the factory a test of functionality and quality. That mistake costs tens of thousands of dollars, in terms of lost business, because returning defective equipment to China is a perplexed task.


The return of a damaged article denotes that, after the customer has paid the shipping costs, the customs ascendant entities in China will sanction ingress and this scenario is virtually infeasible. Then, if you postulate you are sanctioned to enter and the transmutation occurs, it is again the customer who conventionally covers the cost of the incipient shipment.


In order to evade all this loss, the importing company must make an inspection of its product in the factory afore the shipment to certify it, even in the utilization of the machinery for its habitual work. Either way, time-of-failure detection will preserve you the cost of rehabilitating minor details by specialists and technicians in your habitation country.

03 Apr 2017


Since in Pinchili we become a component of your business in charge of the distribution chain and we additionally grow with you, we optate to give this article to fortify the boost of your sales. Sell More.

The challenge of any company is to make a difference in the market in which it participates, if it does not run the jeopardy of having to be compulsorily economic to stand out. That’s why we leave you 10 ways to position yourself and sell more:

Become the expert and take advantage of it:

The ideal thing in a business is to get anchor in the customer’s mind as an expert in some area, such as the one that kens how to gratify a desideratum with credibility, and once it is achieved it must be maximized. How do you capitalize? Offering to that customer, which is already his, other Servicess or products that complement what they already apperceive him.


Comprehensive customer care:

Offering the same customer consummate information in the different care channels of the company is key to gaining your trust and stand out among your competitors. The consumer is always waiting for brands to communicate coherence, because if you interact with your brand through gregarious networks to obtain a particular information, when you go to the point of sale you expect to receive what you were told in networks or get a homogeneous replication. This is where The work of internal and external organizational communication takes more force, since it must be homogeneous and oriented always to represent the brand and not to individuals. But beyond marketing, it is a culture of customer Services, which should be oriented to ken their comportment and provide everything you require to achieve your total contentment from each channel of care available with a unique experience.


Capture Customers with Commodities:

An intricate structure that involves the customer in a compulsory shopping chain is not always the best option to magnetize incipient customers; On the contrary, it is best to offer a rudimental and uncomplicated product or Services with which the consumer can ken his business and thus position himself in the market. Thus, if your business lines sanction it, the customer will naturally endeavor the rest of your products or Servicess.

If you try it, buy it and make a difference:

Consumers have been congenially surprised by brands that sanction them to test their products afore purchasing it, in the cyber world and in the online world. Whenever your customer can experience the experience of having your product or relish your Services, you are more liable to culminate up espousing you. In fact, if you are the first in the industry to offer some kind of test, your differentiation is ensured. To offer proof, the hook is the quality of what you offer because if the customer relishes it, he will buy it.

Create offers for specific situations:

The best differentiation that a brand can make today is predicated on the study of the demeanor of its customers, as from this will engender concrete offers. Each brand should ask itself under what circumstances do they consume your product? How do they comport when they consume it? And predicated on those answers, offer you offers for categorical purchase situations. If, for example, you sell products to include in snacks or snacks, the ideal is to relate them to celebrations, events or parties.


Product with value:

Associate values to your brand that make it unique and situated in the consumer’s mind. A good example is Coca Cola, which associates its product with sharing and that which is intangible is a component of the identity that Coca-Cola sowed in the minds of its audience. Thus, you can associate your product with a particular lifestyle, a trend, a convivial group or a mood. In the long run this is the best way to get first place without falling into the error of being economic and Thereby reducing the quality of what it offers. In order to achieve this, it is obligatory to devote a prudent time to identifying those values that you optate to be linked to your brand and that supplementally give you originality because it is facile to replicate a product but arduous to facsimile a philosophy.

Fair prices for experience:

Most consumers go to the market to find a fair price for what they like and that gives them a unique experience at the consumer level. It is kenned that the more benefits a customer has for a particular product or Services, the latter will be disposed to pay more. It is additionally consequential to understand that it is not a matter of providing an experience just for doing it, but of offering in it a solution to a customer quandary or a complement to our brand that engenders integrated value and positions us above the competition.

Offers packages that ameliorate the price:

The purport is to include in this type of proposal all the products in your portfolio or all that you can and offer a price that includes all, so you earn by order volume and withal meets different desiderata of the same customer. This additionally denotes studying the buying deportment of your customer, since you must offer options within that package that authentically satiate one or more needs that enhearten the consumer to give the yes and make the purchase kenning that each product will have a utility in their life. If you do, it is even possible that this package becomes a constant offer within your sales proposal and achieve position in the mind of the consumer.

Guaranteed a minimum price:

Another technique of situating is to assure the customer that with his brand he will always obtain the most economic price, thanks to the reduction of the profit margin. Reduce the margin of profit, you will ask and the answer is affirmative, if you optate to position yourself this way. With this strategy what is done is to let the consumer ken that if you probe for something, it is sure that with you will be ensured a minimal price?

It is not obligatory to apply this modality to all the products, in additament the customer many times kens that will not be this way. It is paramount to apprise on what type of products the customer can get this benefit. This withal engenders a bond of trust arduous to break by competition.


Charge for what the customer consumes:

It is about offering the customer what they are probing for and how they are probing for it. If you do not optate all your product, there is a component of it that is going to interest you, as it transpired with the downloads of musical compositions in the cyber world, in lieu of buying consummate albums of an artist. It is withal a question of charging for things that mean an adscititious Services, but that the client understands it as well. The situating occurs when the customer feels that he is paying the right thing for everything he relishes and that he has the possibility to optate If you relish all or only part of what you offer.

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