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19 Jun 2017
Alimentos y Bebidas

Exhibition of Food and Beverages Import and Export

Important trade show opening a unique business opportunity in the broad Asian market. This event is the 10th International Food and Beverages Import and Export Exhibition in Guangzhou, scheduled for September 19-21, 2017 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex.

The FBIE China 2017 is the occasion where the most prominent national and foreign food and beverage companies will gather to promote promotions, cooperations, partnerships and important business opportunities.

This event serves to help domestic and foreign food and beverage companies to establish the ideal brand image in the competitive and important market of China, thus increasing their chances of success.

The 10th International Food and Beverage Import and Export Exhibition in Guangzhou is organized by Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition, a company specializing in international events and conferences, with a wide and stable network of clients presented at each fair organized by them .

Why attend the Exhibition of Food and Beverages Import and Export

These fairs present the unique and important opportunity for companies and organizations with the initiative to expand their business in the vast and outstanding market of China, where consumers play an essential role for the positioning and growth of companies at an international level.

The FBIE China 2017 will bring together the most prominent representatives of the food and beverage import and export industry. This is the event that cannot miss who want to achieve important business, make contacts, enjoy a prominent international event and see the latest innovations of products belonging to this market, to stay up to date and in the forefront with the creations of the moment.

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