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07 Sep 2017
Inspección de Calidad

Quality Inspections and Pre-Shipment (PSI) in China

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) is a part of supply chain management and an important quality control method for verifying the quality of products that customers buy from suppliers.

The Quality and Pre-Shipment Inspections guarantee the realization of production with the specifications of the buyer and the terms of a purchase order. Pre-shipment inspection reduces the risks inherent in web commerce such as fraud or disappointment with products below the desired quality.

A PSI can be done at different stages prior to shipment to verify the total quantity of products and packaging, to check the quality or consistency of the products, to check all the documentation, such as test reports, packing list or verification of the destination country standards such as ASME, CE marking and import duties.


How is done the Pre-Shipment Inspection?

Pre-shipment inspection is done at the place of production when your order is between 80% and 100% produced and before loading the products into the containers. In this procedure we verify:

  • Quality
  • Weight
  • Measurements
  • Colors
  • Packaging
  • Barcode
  • Conditions of purchase are executed at 100%

All this in order that the buyer not receive any “surprise” unpleasant when receives his merchandise.


The advantages of pre-shipment inspections

The buyer and the seller benefit from this procedure. In the case of the buyer, he makes sure to protect his investment and guarantees that the product for he is paying is in accordance with the standards that were stipulated in the purchase contract. In this way you avoid fraud, inconveniences or any problems with the product that generates losses

For the seller, having a pre-shipment inspection is the guarantor of a quality product; it is the endorsement of a serious company that complies with what is established in law and the customer.


At Pinchili we make sure that your purchases are made to the highest quality standards and every aspect of the buying and selling process is monitored directly, eliminating any error frame and you can be sure that your product will be as you chose, in exact quantities and of superior quality.

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