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03 Aug 2018

RubberTech-18th: International Rubber Technology Fair

RubberTech is one of the leading trade fairs in the industry and will present its 18th International Exhibition of Rubber Technology from September 19 to 21, 2018 at the New Shanghai International Exhibition Center (SNIEC), China.

RubberTech  began for the first time in 1998 and has consolidated over time as one of the main epicenters where multiple business opportunities converge, representing an outstanding opportunity to acquire and know the latest technologies belonging to the rubber industry and generate direct links with large companies.

Worldwide, the rubber industry has an outstanding development and business opportunities are endless and it is in this aspect RubberTech 2018 plays a fundamental role and is that it has become an exhibition Professional rubber leader with about 600 exhibitors and more than 40,000 square meters of exhibition area.

What will you find at RubberTech 2018?

Exhibitors from more than 30 different countries and regions, including rubber machinery, rubber chemicals, rubber raw materials and products.

  • Rubber machinery, equipment for the detection of rubber products, molds, automation and technical solutions.
  • Rubber chemicals
  • All kinds of coadjuvants of rubber, carbon black, silica and fillers etc.
  • Rubber and frame made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, regenerated rubber and rubber powder, rubber compounds and semi-finished products, thermoplastic elastomers and structure material etc.
  • Non-pneumatic rubber products Rubber belts, hoses, rubber parts in the automotive and engineering sector, rubber footwear and other rubber products.


05 Feb 2018

Guangzhou International Garden Machinery Fair 2018

10th International Fair of Machinery of Gardening of Guangzhou 2018 it is one of the main epicenters where the best products, machinery and tools for gardening in China are exhibited.

GMF 2018 2018 will be held from March 21 to 23, 2018 at the Guangzhou International Sourcing Center (ISC), China. Last year, GMF 2017 attracted 3,126 exhibitors and 35,863 visitors joined the show.

What will be exhibited at the Guangzhou International Garden Machinery Fair 2018? This year there will be products, machinery and tools for gardening such as:

1, plantation, municipal machinery: rototiller, cultivator, rudder, tillage machine, earth auger, etc.

2, pruning, spraying equipment: lawnmower, motor, water pump, sprayer, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, chain saw, nebulizer, water pump, electric saw, high branch saw, blower, cultivator, ground drill, key hole, high-pressure pump.

3, Irrigation equipment: sprinkler-nozzle, solenoid valve, controller, microjet agricultural, irrigation equipment for the use of lawn, equipment for domestic use, irrigation equipment for agricultural use, union, leather hose.

4, gardening hand tools: craft scissors, pruning shears, hedge shears, hand saw, water pipe.

5, Greenhouses and plastic shelter equipment: planted tank, water supply system, temperature control system, air ejector fan, heater fan, temperature sensor, temperature system control box.

6, Horticulture and garden application products: pots, containers, thin film, peat soil, etc.

The appointment for GMF 2018 will be from 21 to 23 March 2018 at the Guangzhou International Sourcing Center (ISC), China. Do not miss it!

07 Sep 2017
Inspección de Calidad

Quality Inspections and Pre-Shipment (PSI) in China

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) is a part of supply chain management and an important quality control method for verifying the quality of products that customers buy from suppliers.

The Quality and Pre-Shipment Inspections guarantee the realization of production with the specifications of the buyer and the terms of a purchase order. Pre-shipment inspection reduces the risks inherent in web commerce such as fraud or disappointment with products below the desired quality.

A PSI can be done at different stages prior to shipment to verify the total quantity of products and packaging, to check the quality or consistency of the products, to check all the documentation, such as test reports, packing list or verification of the destination country standards such as ASME, CE marking and import duties.


How is done the Pre-Shipment Inspection?

Pre-shipment inspection is done at the place of production when your order is between 80% and 100% produced and before loading the products into the containers. In this procedure we verify:

  • Quality
  • Weight
  • Measurements
  • Colors
  • Packaging
  • Barcode
  • Conditions of purchase are executed at 100%

All this in order that the buyer not receive any “surprise” unpleasant when receives his merchandise.


The advantages of pre-shipment inspections

The buyer and the seller benefit from this procedure. In the case of the buyer, he makes sure to protect his investment and guarantees that the product for he is paying is in accordance with the standards that were stipulated in the purchase contract. In this way you avoid fraud, inconveniences or any problems with the product that generates losses

For the seller, having a pre-shipment inspection is the guarantor of a quality product; it is the endorsement of a serious company that complies with what is established in law and the customer.


At Pinchili we make sure that your purchases are made to the highest quality standards and every aspect of the buying and selling process is monitored directly, eliminating any error frame and you can be sure that your product will be as you chose, in exact quantities and of superior quality.

06 Aug 2017

What does MOQ mean?

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) refers to the lowest quantity of a product that a vendor is willing to sell. It is a fundamental requirement for your supplier to decide to negotiate, but the quantities of products are usually high and this represents a barrier to buying merchandise in China. However, it is possible to negotiate the MOQ for your purchase to be satisfactory.

Negotiation of MOQ

It is essential that you know that if the supplier does not agree with the MOQ, and you do not have the possibility of canceling some 3000 pieces (for those amounts are usually around the MOQ), you probably will not be able to buy the merchandise, Importance of negotiating this point.

  • When you request the quote of a certain product, it will come with the MOQ. In principle it is their production optimum or the minimum that must be requested so that the supplier can include the internal transportation costs and shipping of the merchandise.
  • If the product you are interested in is among the most produced by the company, you are more likely to achieve a negotiation of MOQ, unlike if it is a product that is poorly produced.
  • If you are interested in importing several references from the same supplier, you may be able to request 100 units of each product to reach the MOQ offered by the supplier by adding the total amount of merchandise, instead of fulfilling the MOQ for each product separately. It is ideal for first time shopping.
  • Consult the product catalog of the company (if they have one) and ask for the quantities in stock, to negotiate the MOQ according to the existence of the product.

Each negotiation is different, and will depend on the company with which you are working. The important thing is to know that it is possible to negotiate this point, and that success will vary depending on the provider with whom you work.

24 Jul 2017

Expo Guangzhou: Sign DPES and LED 2018

The Expo Guangzhou: Sign DPES and LED 2018 is an event held for eight years and is the epicenter in which the most important representatives of this industry present the latest innovations in consumables, technology and more advanced equipment in the signaling industries and LED.

The appointment is at the Poly World Trade Exhibition Center, Guangzhou in China, from March 3 to 6, 2018. The Guangzhou DPES and LED Sign Expo 2018 is a place where promotes the healthy development of digital printing, engraving and signaling.

Each year, DPES Sign Expo attracts a wide range of local and international companies to participate, and has become the leading global trade show and advertising industry.

In 2017 the DPES Sign Expo was deployed on a total exhibition area that reached 70,000 square meters and 46,757 visitors from some 128 countries and regions were attracted by the show, among which, foreign visitors were around 3,000. The number of exhibitors and visitors reached a new record, which fully demonstrates the significant position of the firm and China LED Expo in the advertising and signage industries worldwide.

In 2018 will be presented more than 850 exhibitors, in a space of 70,000 square meters, covering the industries of digital printing, laser engraving, CNC rounter, printing and ink material, printing and engraving related accessories, signage, light box, Channel letter, POP product, acrylic panel, LED source and chip, and more.

Expo Guangzhou: Sign DPES and LED 2018 goes for a new record of attendance and success that will create new business opportunities in the Asian giant, industry growth and will delight the attendants with cutting-edge technology in this field.

18 Jul 2017
Windoor Expo

Windoor Expo 2018: Doors and Windows Fair in Guangzhou

China moves its advance in construction and architecture with a renewed focus, which has given an important place to the green trend and environmentally friendly constructions. Windoor Expo 2018 will introduce new products and technology that are innovative and energy efficient solutions to create environmentally friendly and self-sufficient buildings.


Windoor Expo 2018 will present more than 560 exhibitors and brands, who will launch new products and technology. The appointment will be at the Poly World Trade Expo Center, Guangzhou from March 11 to 13, 2018.


This is the ideal opportunity for the realization of new business, new partnerships and direct relationship with the most important exponents in relation to this outstanding industry. Windoor Expo 2018 opens an important door for companies to relate and continue their growth, while it is possible to see in one place the latest technology and innovations in this industry, which allow the construction of modern buildings with new functionalities and Integrated systems that operate in accordance with the development of an enriched decorum of comfort.


In an area of 80,000 square meters will be presented 18,000 products of the latest technology. Windoor Expo 2018 is ideal for real estate developers, builders, architects, manufacturers, builders, retailers and many more.


The range of exhibits will include Wind Door systems, building development, profile and insulation, Windood equipment, hardware, among others.


The growth of the industry in China is constant and daily increasing, these fairs and exhibitions are the main opportunity to initiate or improve relations with leading companies in this industry. In addition, it is the perfect opportunity to know and visualize the latest innovations and technologies that the experts have developed, to keep up with the inventions that will lead the market.

19 Jun 2017
Alimentos y Bebidas

Exhibition of Food and Beverages Import and Export

Important trade show opening a unique business opportunity in the broad Asian market. This event is the 10th International Food and Beverages Import and Export Exhibition in Guangzhou, scheduled for September 19-21, 2017 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex.

The FBIE China 2017 is the occasion where the most prominent national and foreign food and beverage companies will gather to promote promotions, cooperations, partnerships and important business opportunities.

This event serves to help domestic and foreign food and beverage companies to establish the ideal brand image in the competitive and important market of China, thus increasing their chances of success.

The 10th International Food and Beverage Import and Export Exhibition in Guangzhou is organized by Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition, a company specializing in international events and conferences, with a wide and stable network of clients presented at each fair organized by them .

Why attend the Exhibition of Food and Beverages Import and Export

These fairs present the unique and important opportunity for companies and organizations with the initiative to expand their business in the vast and outstanding market of China, where consumers play an essential role for the positioning and growth of companies at an international level.

The FBIE China 2017 will bring together the most prominent representatives of the food and beverage import and export industry. This is the event that cannot miss who want to achieve important business, make contacts, enjoy a prominent international event and see the latest innovations of products belonging to this market, to stay up to date and in the forefront with the creations of the moment.

13 Jun 2017
Productos de Energía y Tecnología

Power Expo 2017: International Fair of Energy and Technology Products

The 7th International Fair of Energy and Technology Products in China (Guangzhou) 2017 is the most outstanding event in its category, which bring together leading exponents of the world in this field, as well as those interested in the latest technology and vanguard, in relation to green or renewable energy.

The event is held from August 16 to 18, 2017, at the Pazhou Complex in China, specifically at No. 380, YuejiangZhong in Guangzhou, and serves as a great platform for Green Energy.

Among the products and services that will be exhibited at the Fair are exponents in energy, electronic transformers and inductors and auxiliary elements.

Such as: UPS, EPS, power frequency converter, industrial converter, voltage stabilizer, inverter, LED power, operation power supply, and portable power source. Power transformers, inductors, transformers for industrial applications, appliance transformers, lighting transformers, neon transformer, and special transformer, among many others.

The Power Expo 2017

is organized by the renowned company Grandeur Exhibition, specialized in commercial events in which they manage to gather more than one million participants around the world. The business opportunities and the needs of buyers will be oriented and satisfied with their participation in this important international fair.

13 Jun 2017
Feria Internacional de Juguetes y Preescolar

China Toy Expo 2017: International Fair of Toys and Preschool

The number one door for international companies to explore the Chinese market opens during the event China Toy Expo 2017: International Fair of Toys and Preschool. This important event has been held for 15 years with great success, being the epicenter where the most outstanding exponents in the area come together to expand and improve business opportunities in the Asian market.

China Toy Expo 2017: International Toys and Preschool Fair scheduled to take place from 18 to 20 October at the New Shanghai International Exhibition Center.

Buyers attending this important fair are importers and exporters, distributors, chain stores, department stores, manufacturers, solo agents and public interested about the latest innovations in the market for educational toys for children.

The event expected to receive 2,000 exhibitors, 3,600 brands in total. They will find a wide range of supply opportunities in toys, hobbies, baby products and licenses.

The China Toy Expo (CTE)

Organized by China Toy and Juvenile Product Association, is Asia’s largest toy and educational product fair, and the best opportunity to venture into the important Asian market.

At the event, Banbao, a quail manufacturer specializing in educational didactic toys will reveal the latest and most innovative educational toys.

06 Apr 2017


Import Machinery from China is more mundane than is believed, especially because of the work that importing companies do to contact directly manufacturers, but it is obligatory to make many designations about what you optate to not leave in the hands of the ” Prevalent sense “the quality of the products you optate. Here is a list of the 5 most consequential steps in this process.

1.- Characteristics or Technical Specifications

Kenning the characteristics, applications and functions of the machinery you are cerebrating of buying is one of the most paramount points of the process, you must elucidate all these with the manufacturer afore negotiating the final sale price, thus eschew receiving erroneous prices with reverence to quality Or category, here is a list of the most prevalent technical designations for your reference:


Definition of use




Power (W)

Efficiency (%)

Protection class (eg IP65)

Control system




Certification (eg CE or ASTM Machinery Guideline)

Export packing


Everything depends on what is going to matter, and the variety is quite wide, from packaging and printing machinery, power implements, hoisting machines, agricultural machinery and more.

It is the obligation of the supplier to provide the buyer with all the detailed information because if not, it is probably not an authentic manufacturer but an intermediary or minute trader.


2.- Regulations

  • For the importation of machinery, it is obligatory to comply with the established regulations and in the European, American, Australian, and Indian markets the responsibility for compliance depends on the importer. Otherwise, it may result in fines, or withholding by the customs ascendant entities.


3.- Spare parts and guarantees

  • It is prevalent for Chinese manufacturers to offer long-term warranties, but it is the obligation of the importer to certify this time and conditions for the utilization of the assurance, beginning with the covering of the costs of sending the machinery or components in case of rehabilitation or supersession. This expense is virtually always borne by the importer.
  • Distribution and replenishment times should withal be taken into account, especially as it has a direct impact on the importer’s engenderment. At the time of the negotiation, the importer must verify that the manufacturer has the spare components or the compulsory personnel to cover the warranty of the machinery or any failure of identically tantamount, because of not having it in stock would mean to elongate the distribution periods even more answer. The time it takes to ship your product is equipollent to the one you would take for a supersession and you should take it into account.
  • Another point to make clear afore the purchase is the mechanism to make the claims of the assurance, which is withal taken care of by the importing company, to ascertain that the supplier is committed to the fulfillment of the assurance without evasion possible. The most mundane way to make claims is by taking and sending material that proves it, such as photos and videos, documenting damages or failures, since the shipment of components to be examined by the manufacturer involves a very high cost, in integration weather.


4.- How will the installation be of the machinery in your company?

The costs of conveyance and Servicess of the manufacturer’s employees are always borne by the customer, so it is advisable to take it into account for profoundly and astronomically immense engenderment lines with many machines included, where costs exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are buying a light machine you should not cerebrate about this point.

5.- Quality control of machinery

There are companies that by giving up the Services of an intermediary in charge of the import process end up receiving defective machinery without having afore leaving the factory a test of functionality and quality. That mistake costs tens of thousands of dollars, in terms of lost business, because returning defective equipment to China is a perplexed task.


The return of a damaged article denotes that, after the customer has paid the shipping costs, the customs ascendant entities in China will sanction ingress and this scenario is virtually infeasible. Then, if you postulate you are sanctioned to enter and the transmutation occurs, it is again the customer who conventionally covers the cost of the incipient shipment.


In order to evade all this loss, the importing company must make an inspection of its product in the factory afore the shipment to certify it, even in the utilization of the machinery for its habitual work. Either way, time-of-failure detection will preserve you the cost of rehabilitating minor details by specialists and technicians in your habitation country.

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