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27 Feb 2018

International Fair of Electric Vehicles 2018

The IEEV China 2018 International Exhibition of New Energy and Energy Saving Vehicles will be held October 18-21 at the China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing. Electric Vehicles.

It is one of the most outstanding events in its area and is known as the reference fair for the new energy automotive industry in the Asian country. The International Exhibition of New Energy Vehicles and Energy Saving IEEV China 2018 is the most prominent exhibition platform for the energy efficient automotive industry in all of China.

In the International Exhibition of New Energy Vehicles and Energy Saving IEEV China 2018 will be present: experts, researchers, car manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, university professors, car designers, purchasing managers, distributors, apprentices of driving schools, bus companies, car rental companies, travel companies, government officials, relevant members of associations, media and all kinds of organizations in the automotive industry.

What will be presented at the IEEV China 2018 International Exhibition of New Energy Vehicles and Energy Saving?

Low fuel consumption vehicles:

  • Gasoline, diesel vehicles that adopted the internal combustion engine as the primary energy system.
  • Vehicles that adopted advanced engines, efficient transmissions and other technologies, energy saving products, new materials, lightweight design and green manufacturing in their research and development, manufacturing and use throughout the industry chain and life cycle.
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and other natural gas vehicles.
  • Cars with methanol fuel, ethanol car, methane cars and other HEV alternative fuel vehicles (including gasoline and electric hybrids, gas and electric hybrids, etc.)

New energy cars:

  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
  • Electric vehicles (BEV, including solar vehicles)
  • Fuel cell vehicles (VEGF), hydrogen powered vehicles, aerial vehicles, electric magnetic vehicles and other new energy vehicles

Vehicles that protect the environment:

  • Models of vehicles whose air quality in the car complies with the standard
  • Models of vehicles whose exhaust emission complies with the standard

Parts category:

  • Engines, efficient transmissions, lightweight materials, vehicle optimization design, hybrid products and other energy saving technologies
  • Batteries, motors, electronic control and other main components and advanced technologies

Loading facilities:

  • Charge batteries, chargers, power distribution boxes, rechargeable batteries and battery management systems, parking charging facilities, smart monitors, charging station solutions, charging station network solutions, etc.

The International Exhibition of New Energy Vehicles and Energy Saving IEEV China 2018 is a great event for the automotive industry and represents the ideal opportunity to witness, test and acquire the latest innovations in this important area that represents an excellent business opportunity to world level.

13 Jun 2017
Productos de Energía y Tecnología

Power Expo 2017: International Fair of Energy and Technology Products

The 7th International Fair of Energy and Technology Products in China (Guangzhou) 2017 is the most outstanding event in its category, which bring together leading exponents of the world in this field, as well as those interested in the latest technology and vanguard, in relation to green or renewable energy.

The event is held from August 16 to 18, 2017, at the Pazhou Complex in China, specifically at No. 380, YuejiangZhong in Guangzhou, and serves as a great platform for Green Energy.

Among the products and services that will be exhibited at the Fair are exponents in energy, electronic transformers and inductors and auxiliary elements.

Such as: UPS, EPS, power frequency converter, industrial converter, voltage stabilizer, inverter, LED power, operation power supply, and portable power source. Power transformers, inductors, transformers for industrial applications, appliance transformers, lighting transformers, neon transformer, and special transformer, among many others.

The Power Expo 2017

is organized by the renowned company Grandeur Exhibition, specialized in commercial events in which they manage to gather more than one million participants around the world. The business opportunities and the needs of buyers will be oriented and satisfied with their participation in this important international fair.

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