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06 Aug 2017

What does MOQ mean?

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) refers to the lowest quantity of a product that a vendor is willing to sell. It is a fundamental requirement for your supplier to decide to negotiate, but the quantities of products are usually high and this represents a barrier to buying merchandise in China. However, it is possible to negotiate the MOQ for your purchase to be satisfactory.

Negotiation of MOQ

It is essential that you know that if the supplier does not agree with the MOQ, and you do not have the possibility of canceling some 3000 pieces (for those amounts are usually around the MOQ), you probably will not be able to buy the merchandise, Importance of negotiating this point.

  • When you request the quote of a certain product, it will come with the MOQ. In principle it is their production optimum or the minimum that must be requested so that the supplier can include the internal transportation costs and shipping of the merchandise.
  • If the product you are interested in is among the most produced by the company, you are more likely to achieve a negotiation of MOQ, unlike if it is a product that is poorly produced.
  • If you are interested in importing several references from the same supplier, you may be able to request 100 units of each product to reach the MOQ offered by the supplier by adding the total amount of merchandise, instead of fulfilling the MOQ for each product separately. It is ideal for first time shopping.
  • Consult the product catalog of the company (if they have one) and ask for the quantities in stock, to negotiate the MOQ according to the existence of the product.

Each negotiation is different, and will depend on the company with which you are working. The important thing is to know that it is possible to negotiate this point, and that success will vary depending on the provider with whom you work.

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