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With this service you can virtually go to factories in China and some countries in Asia such as Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, among others… and see their offices, employees, production lines, warehouses, products, packaging, etc.

You will also get an entitled professional inspector that will visit your factory in less than 48 hours and independently evaluate the production capacity, quality controls and even the staff facilities, that way we can guarantee that you have a supplier with good working standards.

You will receive a detailed report from the visit with:
Inspection reports with the entire supplier’s information.
Detailed audit of the establishment of the company
Videos and photos of the visit.

Tell us what is most important for you to verify and we will include it in the inspection.
Product specifications, quality standards, dimensions, weight, type of packaging and additional comments from the inspector.
The cost of this service must be valued according to the city location of the manufacturer and the amount of the products. Send us an email with these details and we will gladly send you a quotation with "NO COST”.

Our company is governed by ISO internationally recognized by Quality Management Systems.

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