The broker is the figure that is in charge of facilitating, guaranteeing and expediting the buying and selling processes. The word broker is continuously used in the world of finance to refer to the person who is in charge of making transactions according to the needs of their client.


A broker is responsible for carrying out multiple processes that are essential to achieve a successful purchase.

  • Search for suppliers: Maybe some people will say why not just enter a portal like Alibaba? The answer is simple: High risk. Why? The numbers of people scammed through the web are alarming and increasingly, are increasing. There are very agile scammers, with very well elaborated facades that can make you lose your valuable investment. Pinchili is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the market and we personally take care of finding the best suppliers, the best options of all China in terms of prices, quality and delivery times.
  • Without intermediaries: The transaction will be carried out between Buyer-broker-distributor. Without companies or businesses as intermediaries, logically these figures raise prices and delay the purchase-sale process.
  • It takes over: The broker is the one who will monitor and be up to date with each step of the purchase process until you receive the products in the country that require it. He is an assistant, a capable and effective figure that will facilitate the entire process.
  • Quality guaranteed: The broker will be responsible for verifying the whole process of buying and selling personally, the quality of the process is guaranteed thanks to this figure.
  • Happy purchase: Exactly the products you wanted, in the quantities, quality, prices and time you wanted. This will be the purchase with a broker on your side.


Pinchili is part of your company, we are your allies, your eyes in China, we facilitate your life, we take care of:

  • Advise you to understand the import process from the beginning
  • We offer 100% quality service in Spanish, Mandarin and English
  • Help in contingencies: You will have support if any problem will arise when importing
  • The cost of our fee corresponds to a percentage of the import invoice
  • Hiring is the security of getting agreements with the direct manufacturers of better quality and prices


We are your eyes in China, the best option to achieve successful imports from the Asian giant.

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