What can you import from China with a small budget?

What can you import from China with a small budget?

If you have the idea of starting your own business, but you think your budget is short, you just have to be clear that there are many opportunities for you to import from China. Just keep reading.

The ideal thing for you is to save money on shipments and limit the amount of products you buy, that with few amounts you can start your business and start earning money immediately. Here are some ideas of the products that you can import from China with a small budget:

  1. Costume jewelry: Costume jewelry or fantasy jewelry is sold very well anywhere in the world. In China it is extremely economical, have a great variety of models and the best thing is that a good order will not exceed 2 or 3 kilograms of weight.
  2. Sunglasses: They are a basic accessory that you can market very easily and get very good profits investing little money.
  3. Wallets: In China you can find infinities of models and styles of wallets for men and ladies, and sell them in your country at a very good price.
  4. Cell phones: Huawei, Xiaomi and HDC are just some of the cell phone brands that are in China, the factory prices are excellent and the weight of cell phones is minimal.
  5. Underwear: For women, children and men: sporty, sexy, comfortable, etc. It is an excellent business that has always had and will have an excellent demand.

These are just some ideas, but as you see there are definitely many opportunities for you to start your own business with imports from the Asian giant and with little budget. Write us and we will be your best allies in China. We are Pinchili.

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