Chinese Information Technology Fair

Chinese Information Technology Fair

The China Information Technology Fair is a leading event in the technology industry that is scheduled from April 9 to 11, 2019 at the Convention and Exhibition Center of Shenzhen, China.
Why attend the China Information Technology Fair?

It is a prestigious event in the consumer goods and electronics industry. It has an estimated attendance each year, more than 1500 exhibitors and more than 100,000 visitors. This event shows products from the industry of Building Construction, Electronics and Electrical Products, Domestic Consumables, Products and Telecommunications Equipment.
What will you find in the China Fair of Information Technology?

Equipment, services, components, semiconductors, film capacitors, polypropylene film generator, polypropylene film, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, multi-layer ceramic capacitor, special aluminum sheets for electrolytic capacitors, overload protection.
Compressor Protection Thermostat J30Jseries J18Series, Crimping Tool, Rectangular Connectors, Ic Bjt Led, Smart Meters, Industrial Power Supplies and LCD TVs, Decoders, DVD, Tuners, Modulators and Decoders, Low Voltage Industrial Electrical Components for Automation Control and panel, such as terminal blocks, fan and filter unit, transformer control machine, plugs and industrial waterproof sockets.
Small precision motors, General motors, Machinery, Electronic and optical components and other products, Sod Sot Devices, Smd Devices, all plastic diodes, bridge and automotive rectifiers, variable capacitors, variable resistors, potentiometers, switches, sockets and sockets current.
High quality tantalum capacitors that are widely used in military and civil fields, such as communications, instrumentation, medical electronics, automotive electronics and consumer electronics, telecommunications relay manufacturing, general purpose relay, automotive relay, stepper motor , motor motor, alternating current motor, polygonal mirrors motor for office, household appliances, housing retention facilities, infrared thermometer, sound level meter, anemometer, temperature and humidity meter, lux meter, ultrasonic range detector , stud metal cable and combustible gas detector, among others.
Note: Before traveling to China, check the possible changes made on date and / or locations by the official event organizer. For more details or to buy in this fair without traveling to China, contact us.

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