Expo Lap China Fair

Expo Lap China Fair

The Expo Lap China Fair is scheduled from February 26 to 28, 2019 at the Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou, China.

The Expo Lap China Fair is the Exhibition and Conference of Laboratory and Analytical Equipment of China that offers attendees the opportunity to master the news of the industry, market dynamics, meet colleagues in the industry, expand the business network, the supply and demand of companies in the industry, seek cooperation partners in the industry chain to establish a brand image, improve industry awareness, and much more.

Why attend the Expo Lap China Fair?


Expo Lap China Fair will present a large number of exhibitors and is the platform on which professionals connect, as well as with the consumer base, and the various details of the profession are discussed.

Among the products and services that are exhibited, there will be analysis, measurement instruments, general laboratory instruments, measuring and weighing equipment, microscopes, optical image processing, biochemical instruments, life sciences, document management and operations, among many others.

Some of the exhibitors will be Austrian Ran Technology, Laboratory Instruments & Decker, Beijing Obo Star Biotech, Beijing Glass Group Taizhou Hiromi Glass Instrument Factory, Beijing Meihua Bo Branch Glass, Beijing Dike Ma Technology and others.

It is estimated that the number of visitors is 10,000 people and 450 exhibitors.

Expo Lap China Fair includes a massive campaign to target specific visitor sectors through a series of convincing communications that combine invitations to shows, press conferences, road shows, program updates, and electronic newsletters, previews of programs, reports of the industry, promotions and more for national and international assistants.

Expo Lap China Fair is a unique opportunity in which the latest technologies will be shown, seminars, advertising promotions and will allow you to expand your business network in one of the world’s main markets.

Note: Remember to check dates or changes made by the organizer and seek advice to complete a happy trip to China to attend the fair of your choice.

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