Chinese motorcycle parts fair 2018

Chinese motorcycle parts fair 2018

The Chinese Motorcycle Parts Fair 2018 will be from November 13 to 15, 2018 at the Poly World Trade Center in Guangzhou and it is a mandatory event for industry professionals related to the motorcycle industry and attendees with great interest in contemporary vehicles and motorcycles.

The Motorcycle Parts Fair China 2018 is the international trade exhibition for the automotive industry, which exhibits all kinds of motorcycles, electric bicycles and vehicles and will attract the attention of motorcycle manufacturers around the world.

China 2018 Motorcycle Parts Fair will receive at least 50,000 visitors and will present about 1,000 exhibitors, who will be responsible for presenting the latest innovations of the motorcycle industry at the best prices and ready to be acquired.

The profile of the exhibitor for the China 2018 Motorcycle Parts Fair includes:

The latest products and services including motorcycles, electric bicycles and accessories, tires, lubricants, vehicle decorations, vehicle machinery manufacturing equipment, process equipment, new processes, new materials, maintenance equipment and protective equipment.

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