Ask us “NO COST” sea freight rates

for 20ft, 40ft and 40HQ containers LCL.


We have corporate rates in more than 10 international shipping lines with multiple ports, arrival destinations and routes around the world. Ask for our “FREE” quotations of ocean freights for containers of LCL 20ft, 40ft and 40HQ. We organize all the documentation required for the exportation of your containers in English, Spanish and Chinese. Our work team will take care of filling out and collecting all the documents needed for the proper identification of your container, all of this together with your supplier and your forwarding agent, obtaining the most relevant information for your export and import procedures.
For quotations we only need:
1. Type of load
2. Port of Departure
3. Port of Destination
4. Feet of the container

Eagerly we will quote at least three shipping companies with different arrival times, to choose the one of your convenience considering speed and cost.

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